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Ilé Olufunké

African Home Decor


About Us

     Ilé Olufunké, LLC (House of Olufunké) is a Newark based soft furnishings company  that specializes in luxurious custom design with an authentic African aesthetic. The beautiful and luxurious African home décor and fabrics are sourced from countries like Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Mali and all over the continent. Products are designed to dress your tables, kitchen, the bedroom and other areas in the home in grand style. In the Yoruba language, Ilé means house. Olufunké means, “God’s gift to cherish”.   It is our desire that patrons will cherish the unique home adornments of Ilé Olufunké.  Elevated, refined, luxurious African style is what customers will find at Ilé Olufunké. Realizing that African design is so much more than animal prints and rough-hewn style is what keeps our customers coming back.